What Is The Fastest Rn To Bsn Online Program?

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What Is The Fastest Rn To Bsn Online Program

Thinking about the fastest RN to BSN online program, there are some good options. If you already have an RN certificate and consider getting BSN, you can have a look at RN to BSN online program. As we all know that having an RN doing a full-time nursing job is a lot of work. Being a nurse is a big responsibility and it consumes your time as well.

What is the easiest RN to BSN online program

If you are searching for the easiest RN to BSN online program, there is a program from Western Governors University, known as WGU.  It is one of the easiest RN to BSN online programs that you can join. This university is very suitable for the Registered Nurse who wants to pursue a higher degree. This program from WGU is a perfect bridge for you who is busy with your full-time job as a nurse.

The learning method that WGU uses is competency-based learning. This system allows you to move to the next higher level once you mastered your materials and passed the examinations. This year, WGU confirmed that they have 66% of students that graduated with BSN in less than two years.

How long does WGU RN to BSN take

At WGU, you can take about eighteen months to get the BSN done. It is a fast way to get BSN and this is still considered to be practical. You will need the BSN program that is fast and also fit with your busy schedule as a full-time nurse. If you take the faster period, you might have too much pressure and too little time. It is important to perform a decent work ethic at work and still be able to digest the materials to get your BSN done.

The balance between the RN position that you are doing and the BSN for your future is essential. Your experience as an RN needs to have decent credit. It will be beneficial to pursue a higher position once you have your BSN.

What is the cheapest RN to BSN program online

The cost of a BSN program online from RN is around $ 6,000 up to 8,000. It will depend on which university you are going to join. If you are going to WGU, Cheapest rn to Bsn online programs that you can get is around $ 7,090. This is a program for a year. It consists of 3 semesters. This is a hard way to get your BSN because you will really need to cramp the class and exams in a very short period of time.

If you take the recommended period of 18 months, it will cost you around $15,000. This is a good period to get your BSN because you will have the balance between your full time work as an RN and also a student to get your BSN. You will have enough time to do the best for both parts. However, if you want the fastest, it is also possible.