What A BSN Degree in Nursing

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What A BSN Degree in Nursing

For you that wants to be a registered nurse might have thought about a BSN degree. What is a BSN degree in nursing? It is a common question that so many students like to ask before taking the next step after finishing high-school. The BSN degree is a bachelor’s degree in nursing. It is different from the diploma or associate program. 

What A BSN Degree in Nursing

BSN degree in nursing takes about three to four years of education. You will have more classes to attend more than the associate program. You can become a nurse by only taking the associate program for at least two years. However, you can only apply for an entry-level job in the nursing field. To go to a higher level, you will need a higher education background. Thus, BSN is a good option to pursue a higher career level in the nursing field. Your nursing level will define your salary once you get to the work field. 

What type of nursing gets paid the most?

Once you graduate with a BSN degree in nursing, you will need to pass the test given by the government. This is the licensing that will lead you to the work field. You will be able to do the entry-level responsibility to expand your knowledge and experience. You will have the opportunity to focus on the field that you are fond of. For the better future of your nursing career, it is good to know the type of nurse that can earn a high salary. 

The highest salary for a nurse is a registered nurse anesthetist. The salary that you can earn is around $160,000 per year. This type of nurse can collaborate with doctors, dentists, aesthetic doctors, or pain management departments. However, you will need a Master’s degree to get into this position. You have to earn the master’s from an accredited nurse anesthesia educational program. Other types will lead you to earn around $100,000 a year such as General Practitioner Nurse, Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse, and Clinical Nurse Specialist. 

What is the hardest class in nursing school?

There are plenty of classes that you will need to participate in during nursing school. There are easy classes and also the hardest classes. The hardest classes that you will need to pass is Organic Chemistry, Anatomy and physiology, Probability, and statistics. Those are the prerequisite courses. Once you enter the nursing class, you will get other difficult classes.The pathophysiology and pharmacology are the hardest to pass. 

You will need to pass them all to get good grades and also to pass the national examination to get your license as a registered nurse. You can find the Cheapest rn to Bsn online programs in case you already become an RN and you want to strive to the higher nursing level. This program will allow you to finish a Bachelor’s degree in nursing without spending four years of study. You will only need about two years to complete your study to get a Bachelor’s degree.