West Virginia University online RN to BSN Degree Program

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West Virginia University Lifts Its Chances of Picking You for a Best Online Nursing Programs in West Virginia

West Virginia University offers a number of different online programs for those interested in furthering their education and advancing their careers. For individuals who may not have the time to attend a traditional college or university, or for individuals who may already be working full time, the flexibility and convenience of an online education is an option that should be examined. West Virginia University offers a number of different RN to BSN courses, which can sometimes lead individuals into a career related to that of a nurse. Whether one wants to pursue a career as an advanced registered nurse or as a medical assistant, these RN to BSN degree programs offered by West Virginia University may be right for you.

For those wishing for more convenience, online RN to BSN courses enable students to complete all of their coursework on their own, taking as little as a few months. Many times this is combined with on the job training, and may lead to an advancement in one’s career. West Virginia University offers the best online RN to BSN degree programs in the area. Students can choose from a variety of courses which focus on everything from pharmaceutical therapy to communications, patient care, anatomy, dental care, and more. This comprehensive and flexible online program allows students to earn their RN to BSN degree in as little as two years.

Those pursuing an online education will also be pleased to find that West Virginia University has many resources available to help with tuition and financial need. The school offers a tuition assistance program that can reduce a student’s overall tuition by up to 50%. In addition to offering tuition assistance, students can also request financial aid, depending on their individual circumstances. Individuals who qualify for tuition reductions and who have West Virginia University scholarships or who are eligible for tuition assistance can apply for these grants and scholarships.

In addition to receiving assistance with tuition costs, students can also obtain financial assistance for books, housing, childcare, transportation, lab fees, and more. Students can even pay for their shipping and handling costs while attending the school. Those looking for work after completion of their RN to BSN degree can look forward to the university’s “Work Shop” program. This program is perfect for working nurses who want to advance their education without having to quit their jobs. Graduates of the Workshop program will take a job in the same field as their former RN salary in order to receive their higher paying RN salary.

With the help of its application process, West Virginia University assures its students have an easy application process. Students need to fill out a Free Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA) in order to be considered for federal, state, and/or university financial aid. The form can be downloaded from the WVU website. Upon submission of the FAFSA, the student will be notified of the amount of financial aid he/she will be able to receive from the school. The deadline for application submission is usually around May 1st of each year.

Applying to WVU’s Online RN to BSN degree program is fast and easy. One has to be ready for a full-time course load that will span two semesters. Those individuals who choose to enroll in the program should plan on spending four years at West Virginia University – this is standard for students entering their first professional experience in nursing. Those who complete this degree can go on to pursue higher degrees in nursing, which has proven to be one of the best online nursing programs in west Virginia.