How Much Do Medical Coders Make Working from Home?

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How Much Do Medical Coders Make Working from Home?

There are many benefits you can get from working at home as a medical coder.It is more flexible and can be done in between your domestic tasks such as taking your kids to school or finish your chores. But,how much do medical coders make working from home? Well, it will depend on several factors. Years of experience and skill levels are some factors that influence the amount of salary you will receive as a home-based medical coder.

Medical Coders Make Working from Home

Average Salary

Work from a home medical coder in the United States now will get about $51,067 on average per year. However, the annual salaries that you will receive as a work from home medical coder is as high as $110,000 and as low as $16,500. However, the salaries of most of the medical workers in the US now range between $28,000 (25th percentile) to $66,000 (75th percentile). The salaries can be lower or higher than what is reported due to many reasons. Skill levels, years of experiences, and the location where you reside will also play an important role in determining the salaries you receive. The average payment of a home-based medical coder in the US is also different by states.

Average Hourly Rate

Based on the BLS hourly rate of a medical coder in the United States is around $18.83 per hour on average. The data released by BLS is mainly taken from those who work in various health care facilities. These include hospitals, nursing homes, physicians’ offices, and more. 

How to Start

To help those who want to pursue a career as a home-based medical coder, there are  best accredited online certificate programs in medical billing and coding to opt for. However, you need to keep in mind that it requires more than experiences as a medical coder to start your own home-based services. To earn a living working from home and make it profitable, you need to put in the hours. It means that you have to prepare things well. Getting your name in front of potential clients, networking with other professionals, and making sure that you stay up to date with the current trends in the industry are some things you need to put into consideration. Not only that but you also need to continue your training to provide the best services for the clients. 

Know Your Risks

Generally, those who are working as a medical coder from home will receive a higher hourly rate than the one paid by a health care institution or hospital for an on-site position. However, it doesn’t mean that you will automatically make more money by working from home as a medical care. This is because there are financial benefits that are given to a full-time employee that you will not get. These include health insurance, paid vacations, paid sick days, long/ short-disability insurance, 401k/ 401b saving plans, discounts for childcare, and more. As a medical coder who works from home, you need to pay all those bills with your own money. Not only that but you also need to pay your own self-employment taxes if you work from home.