How Long Does It Take to Complete a Nursing Diploma Program?

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How long does it take to complete a nursing diploma program? If you plan to become a nurse, at least you need to finish a diploma program or associate’s degree in nursing. Misconception also happens all the time especially when it comes to differentiating RN and BSN.

 Complete a Nursing Diploma Program
Complete a Nursing Diploma Program

RN vs. BSN Degree: What’s the Difference

RN stands for registered nurses, is a professional who treats patients, and gives emotional as well as educational supports for those in need. The specific duties depend on their specialty. RNs also administer medication, monitor and evaluate patients, and educate patients as well as their family, daily. Being a registered nurse also makes a person maintains records for health care providers.

Once a person gets the license and becomes a registered nurse, he or she can work in various environments such as outpatient centers, rehab centers, clinics, home care clinics, and so on. Most of them work in geriatrics, neonatology, oncology, and pediatrics to name a few. If a nurse is registered but wants to pursue higher education for a better salary and work opportunities, the cheapest RN to BSN online programs could help.

So, what is a BSN? BSN stands for the bachelor’s degree of science in nursing. To complete this degree, you must finish a four-year program. Everyone who seeks to become a nurse can get through this program. Those who have worked as a registered nurse and need a higher degree can also pursue this program. Also, you need to complete this degree if you want to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree in nursing.

According to data, those who have completed a BSN degree make more money than RNs with no BSN degree. Other than that, BSNs have a wider range of career opportunities since this is the minimum standard to become a professional nurse. As we have mentioned before, completing a BSN degree allows you to pursue master’s and doctoral degree in the future.

Complete a Nursing Diploma Program

How long does it take to complete a nursing diploma program? There are three types of RN degree programs. Some requirements should be met for everyone who wants to enroll.

A nursing diploma program may take at least 16 months to finish. Individuals should meet the minimum education to pursue this program. Generally, hospitals and colleges offer nursing diploma programs which also involve hands-on learning by attending clinical experiences. Some course topics are such as holistic care, health issues, health care needs, and anatomy.

Can you Get a BSN Degree without an RN License?

Of course, you can get a BSN degree without having an RN license in the first place. When an individual pursues a BSN degree, he or she will become a registered nurse. However, a registered nurse doesn’t need to have a BSN degree in the first place. Still, registered nurses can pursue a BSN degree through an RN-to-BSN degree program. And this is anything you need to know about “how long does it take to complete a nursing diploma program”.