Best Low-Cost Medical Coding and Billing Online Program

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The Best Low-Cost Medical Coding and Billing Online Program

Are you looking for best accredited online certificate programs in medical billing and coding at affordable costs? Well, there are plenty of options you can choose for. Ready to choose? Well, find out the most affordable online programs in medical billing and coding on the following page. 

Cost Medical Coding and Billing Online Program Medical Billing and Coding Online Courses Cost

#1. Southwest Wisconsin Technical College

This Southwest Wisconsin Technical College is based on Fennimore. The college will provide you with a medical coding specialist technical diploma to allow you to work in health care facilities that are related to information technology. The diploma offered by Southwest Tech consists of 33 or 34 credits. This will depend on the introductory course taken by the students. Most of the time, students can complete their online programs for 18 months. The curriculum offers to include the use of coding or reimbursement systems, collecting data through electronics, compiling health data, and more.

#2. Hutchinson Community College

If you are looking for a low-cost medical coding and billing online program, Hutchinson Community College in Kansas can be one of the best options to take. There are about 5,000 students attending Hutchinson Community College today to earn a diploma and a college degree. Hutchinson Community offers the students certificate online programs in healthcare coding specialists. There are 46-course credits you need to earn in the online programs offered by the college. Not only ICD-10-CM and CPT coding systems but students will also study various topics including reimbursement methodologies, clinical classification methodologies, health data management, as well as healthcare information technologies.

#3. Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis

Indiana University is one of the most popular universities for those who want to study medical billing and coding. The university is now attended by more than 30,000 students, both on-campus and online programs. It provides a nine-course and 28-credit medical coding certificate for undergraduate students. Here, the students will learn about how to process electronic health records and how insurance companies use them for billing and payment information.  

#4. Ogeechee Technical College

Being located in Georgia, Ogeechee Technical College allows the students to learn about medical billing and coding online. The college offers an online medical coding certificate program with 24 credits that students need to accomplish. The online program requires 465 contact hours and can be completed within 2 semesters. The coursework of the online medical coding certificate program offered by the college focuses on the physician’s procedural coding and medical diagnostic coding skills. To get the certificate, students should pass exams held by the American Health Information Management Association. 

#5. Peirce College

Another best low-cost medical coding and billing online program you can choose is Pierce College. Focusing on educating working professionals, Pierce College offers a medical coding certificate program that is conducted online entirely. The online program offered by the company focuses on the ICD-10 coding system and medical billing classes. This will allow the students to learn about how to code for abnormal findings, diseases, and other similar medical issues. Students will need to complete a 40-hour professional practice experience, coding training, and exercises based on a logic decoder to get the certificate.