Accredited Online RN to BSN without Clinical Requirements

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 RN to BSN Programs With No On-Campus Clinical Courses Required

Accredited Online RN to BSN without Clinical Requirements

A nurse who is interested in getting an RN to BSN degree through online must have busy working hours so that he/she tries to find an accredited school which does not require all the practicum or clinical requirements in nursing bachelor programs. Typically, BSN completion needs 700 to 900 hours clinical commitment for clinical which is considered as a massive time for working nurses who also spend time for caring for the patients In a clinical setting. Therefore, some nurses opt to have an accredited online RN to BSN without clinical requirements for fulfilling their needs.

It might sound easy but there are not many online BSN program with no clinical since all accredited BSN program requires some kind of clinical experience. Some schools do not give the clinical experience to their online students themselves but they require the students to find a place to complete them with the help of a preceptor if they live far from a campus. Other schools even do not list clinical hours as independent courses but it is like an integrated clinical experience which is combined with other courses or other professional capstone projects.

Here are the examples of schools with an accredited online RN to BSN without clinical requirements and also the further explanations of other programs supporting the nursing program.

RN to BSN Programs With No On-Campus Clinical Courses Required

If you need the program with no on-campus clinical courses required, you should find the school which incorporates clinical experiences into a variety of courses. Otherwise, the school allows you to have 100% online learning without any campus visits by offering some field experiences in your area.

Some schools with the mentioned system are as follows:

  • Grand Canyon University

It has 36 credit RN to BS Program which has a rolling system enabling the new students to start every two weeks. There is no clinical component required here.

  • Arizona State University

It is 100% online RN to BSN program which is offered through the public state university of Arizona. There is no practicum or clinical courses required, but the clinical learning could be done through the “practice learning activities”.

  • South University

This is a private university which has various online degrees offering including an RN to BSN completion program online without clinical courses requirement. It accepts 90 credits in transfer toward your BSN degree from the previous study. 

  • Indiana University

There is a single program which is designed by eight campuses of the Indiana University Nursing Program: a state public university system. The clinical experiences are done in didactic or lecture-based courses.

  • Saint Louis University

The school allows you to submit 64 credit hours to be transferred in and without any clinical courses required.

LPN to RN Online Programs Without Clinicals

The LPN (Licensed Practical Nurses) to RN (Registered Nurses) program is a type of nursing program as a bridge for the students who have awarded LPN to pursue career as an RN. The goals of this program are:

  • Helping you to prepare yourself to take the NCLEX-RN to warn your Registered Nursing License.
  • Leading you to earn an ADN or BSN degree.
  • Allowing you to transfer the previous college credits.
  • Helping you to reduce the time to earn your degree.

The nursing schools which offer the LPN to RN online without clinical are:

  1. Indiana State University
  2. Rasmussen College
  3. Dallas Nursing Institute
  4. Ohio University
  5. Ball State University
  6. Arkansas State University
  7. Herzing University
  8. University of Cincinnati
  9. University of Mary
  10. Florida Career College

Although LPN to RN online programs are offered, the online programs without clinical will be like a sky without stars. Even the Indiana University which is 100% online requires the students to complete the clinical experiences in their communities. The good news is that the LPN to RN online offers the flexible clinical experiences which may close to home or you are able to take on weekends.

  • RN to BSN Online Programs Without Clinicals

The goals for this program are getting the credit from the previous study, increasing the leadership opportunities, building put a foundation in the sciences, arts and humanities, and connecting through the practicum or capstone projects.

Here are the examples of the schools:

  1. Allen College
  2. Arkansas Tech University
  3. Brigham Young University-Idaho
  4. California State University-Chico
  5. Clarkson College
  6. Davenport University
  7. Eastern Michigan University
  8. Georgia College and University
  9. Herzing University
  10. Illinois University
  • What Are the Prerequisites for a Campus RN to BSN Program?

Prerequisites are the courses which are required for fulfilling the admission to the RN to BSN program. The prerequisite courses are earned at any accredited college or university without any expiration date. They must be completedwith at least C grade or higher to admission. The prerequisite courses are varying based on the colleges or universities policy.

If they are not able to identified for the equivalency at some university, the admissions need to be evaluated by the transfer credit evaluators in the individual departments of the course is taught. Then the students are required to provide the syllabi for the individual department transfer credit evaluators as the determinations.

The examples of prerequisites for an accredited online RN to BSN without clinical requirements (Ohio State University) are:

  • Chemistry (3-5 hours)
  • English (3 hours)
  • Biology (3-4 hours)
  • Microbiology (3-4 hours)
  • Anatomy (3 hours)

Mostly the Chemistry and Microbiology courses must include the lab component.

The time which is spent on clinical experience could be harder than classroom learning. Therefore, it is considered as critical part of a nurses training. In summary, it is important to get the clinical teaching in an actual hospital or clinic setting to have a good rehearsal for any kinds of issues you will need to deal with the health care after graduation, whether you take it on campus or on a clinic which is required by the campus.