2021 – Best Online RN to BSN Programs in Texas

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2021 – Best Online RN to BSN Programs in Texas is a complete curriculum of nursing programs with the focus on quick facts, clinical skills and nursing leadership. This Online RN to BSN program was created by the Online RN to BSN program at the University of Texas at Arlington, University of Texas-Tyler and Midwestern State University. The program was developed by nursing professionals with over twenty years of experience, twenty years of professional training and more than one thousand students from all over the United States. The goal of the program is to prepare students to serve in short-term and long-term care facilities.

2021 - Best Online RN to BSN Programs in Texas

Midwestern State University Online RN to BSN programs

For anyone who is interested in becoming an RN, but doesn’t want to enter a classroom-based degree program, it may be time for you to look into Midwestern State University’s Online RN to BSN programs. As one of the leading academic institutions of higher education in the Midwest, this university offers many of the educational resources and hands-on training that one would find in a traditional classroom setting. With a fully online program, students have access to the same powerful tools and educational opportunities that they would normally receive in a classroom, with the added benefit of being able to work at their own pace and from anywhere in the world.

The RN to BSN programs offer students a variety of tools for building a successful career in nursing. These programs are designed as an accelerated two-year program where students are trained in all areas of nursing science, including basic science, biology and nutrition. During the first year of study, students take courses in subjects such as human development, anatomy, chemistry, physiology and psychology. The second year of study focuses on core nursing concepts, clinical skills, administration, patient care and professional leadership. The goal of this accelerated program is to prepare students for leadership positions in both the health care and administrative fields, and to prepare them for their future careers in medicine.

This online program allows students to complete coursework at their own pace and from wherever they may be. This means that many students may be able to complete their degree without interrupting their work routine. Online learning is also flexible, allowing students to fit their studies around their other responsibilities, family life and even their personal hobbies and interests. Midwestern State University offers many options in its online RN to BSN programs, which means that there is a suitable program for almost any student.

Quick Facts:
  • Public 4-Year
  • Multiple start dates throughout the year
  • No winter session courses for online students

University of Texas Tyler

University of Texas Tyler, a master’s degree program in nursing, is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Accreditation. This institution offers Master’s degrees as well as RN to BSN online programs. The University of Texas Tyler is also recognized as a comprehensive learning institution that provides a complete education for its students.

There are several bachelor’s degree programs offered in the fields of science and education. One can pursue his graduate program in science if he or she wishes to be involved in research work in this field. There is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and an Associate of Science in Science of Education and Human Development. The Associate of Arts in Science degree is also provided at this university. An individual may choose to pursue his Bachelor of Science in Business and Management, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a Bachelor of Science in Health care administration, or a Master of Science in Nursing. For those who wish to further their education, they may also enroll in University of Texas’ nursing programs.

University of Texas Tyler is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Accreditation and is one of the schools on the lists of top 100 universities nationwide. Its website has information about the course catalogs, tuition rates, and residential programs. Students may get campus credit by participating in community service. The University of Texas Tyler is also affiliated with the Council on Higher Education. This gives students the chance to earn university credits through CLEP tests and participation in other student activities.

Quick Facts:
  • Public 4-Year
  • Top-performing Texas school
  • Recognized by Texas healthcare employers