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To create a memorial for your cat, you must first focus on the thing that most any pet cat brings to the lives of its owners: love. A special cat is, of course, cute, cuddly, furry, funny, precious, and even pretty. But, then, so is a typical teddy bear or other stuffed animal. And the latter hardly ever warrant a special memorial. So, the first thing to consider as you create a memorial for your cat is the one thing that makes your cat different from the other cute, cuddly, furry, funny, precious and even pretty objects that adorn your home. That thing, of course, is love.

Love is what makes you forgive your cat when she uses the bathroom on your sofa, when his pointless yeowling keeps you awake all night, when he jumps upon your dinner table and takes a few bites of your meal while you are away for a few seconds pouring yourself a drink. You don’t give away your cat when those unfortunate experiences occur, and that’s because you love them. It makes sense then, that to create a memorial for your cat, you should focus, first, on the love.

Before creating a tribute to your beloved feline companion, or any other pet for that matter, one might consider why they are even taking time to make this tribute to begin with. Perhaps they feel they are going overboard by trying to create a memorial of a lost pet. This concern is truly unfounded, as pets offer us untold amounts of comfort in the few years that we get to spend with them. While it is largly unsaid, it can even be true that one feels the same amount of grief after losing their beloved animal companion, that they would feel for a lost friend or family member. That is because a pet is a constant in our lives, and the bond that we create with them is truly special. They are there to comfort us when we are sad, celebrate special moments, or even to provide simple companionship in the quite moments of life. The fact that one creates a special bond with their fur-ever friend only goes to show that that person feels empathy for other creatures aside from our own species. Experts say that when we lose a pet, we lose a tangible part of our lives, for which it is only natural to grieve. Because of that, creating a permanent memorial of the lost companion can greatly help with the grieving process, as it can serve as a gentle reminder that the memories a pet leaves behind will always be with us. So, in a way, even though a pet is lost, they are never truly gone, as they will always be in our hearts.

Creating a memorial tribute to your cat does not have to be a sad event. Have fun with your memorial, make it a celebration of your cat’s life. Allow memories – both the good memories and the annoying ones – to flow freely, and that will help you create a wonderful memorial for you cat. Once you have jotted down a few ideas for how to create your memorial for your cat, you will find that there is no shortage of products available to help create the most beautiful memorial possible.

In one popular example, a number of cat memorial pendants are available in the form of, simply, a ball of yarn. This simple symbol is enough to bring a permanent smile to many cat owners, who, if they happen to be knitters, were probably not always happy with their cat.

A common frustration of cat owners is the cat’s inability to ignore a ball of yarn being knitted or crocheted. But, when you create a memorial for your cat, that frustration turns into a wonderful, happy memory.

As much as our cats annoy us on occasion, love keeps us always coming back for more of their silliness. And that’s an important thing to remember when you create a memorial for your cat. Here are some examples of a few possible epitaphs for cat tombstones that may inspire you to create a memorial for your cat yourself.

Dear Spiderkity, you ruined 2 sofas, a bed, and three rooms full of carpet. But we will love you forever anyway!

Dear Bob, I’m sleeping better these days. But I still miss you!

Here lies Smokey, the sweater maker’s worst enemy.

When you create a memorial for your cat, you should also consider invoking the tradition of the Rainbow Bridge. According to this ancient legend, when a cat or any pet dies, its soul crosses a beautiful rainbow bridge and arrives in a special, happy prairie, where it frolics endlessly among the world’s other pets until its owner dies. The owner’s first stop on the way to heaven, then, is to this same meadow where pet and human are, happily reunited forever. Such a story is a perfect fit when you create a memorial to your cat.


Memorial Day is a time when people across America pause to reflect on the Supreme Sacrifice made by American soldiers who have died in service to the nation. While the Memorial Day is celebrated and recognized by all Americans, it is a particularly poignant holiday for those who have loved-ones who have died in military service. For those families, Memorials.com has a variety of memorial products that will make each Memorial Day the lasting, special tribute Memorial Day’s founders intended it to be.

Memorial Day was established as a national holiday on May 5, 1868 and has an interesting history. The first Memorial Day ceremony was on May 30, 1868, about three weeks after the holiday was officially declared, at the Arlington National Cemetery. It was there that representatives of the United States government decorated the graves of soldiers on both sides of the Civil War, and thus began the now very common Memorial Day tradition of placing flowers and other mementos on the graves of American soldiers on May 30 of each year. Because the Civil War had caused such a strong divide in the United States, the Memorial Day tradition had a somewhat slow beginning. Southern states were reluctant to do anything to honor the dead in the North, and Memorial Day was not recognized by any state government until New York did so in 1873. Other states slowly began to follow New York’s lead over the next several decades, but Southern states refused to acknowledge Memorial Day until well into the 20th century. Finally, after World War I, Memorial Day was almost universally recognized in all states as a day in which all war dead, not just victims of the Civil War would be officially honored. Since that time, millions of American families have made graveside visits of their loved-ones lost in wars a somber Memorial Day tradition.

The memorial industry offers a number of products that help make these Memorial Day visits as special as can be.  Most notably, of course, are flag cases. To help make Memorial Day as significant as possible, the United States government has a tradition of presenting an American flag to the families of every service member who dies. (The United States is the only major nation on Earth to practices this tradition, by the way.) Many families encase these flags in one of the beautiful, sturdy cases, and these cases become the center piece of elegant memorial showcases for their loved ones. And, of course, these memorials get extra special attention on Memorial Day.

Aside from flag cases, a number of other products are available that can make Memorial Day a special family day for many years to come. Many urns and keepsake urns are designed in military themes, and families often add military or patriotic elements to the headstones of their loved-ones who were veterans.  These touching tributes to a family’s soldiers are sure to keep Memorial Day alive in the hearts of families across America for years to come.


Christmas can be an emotionally daunting holiday – for many even in the best of circumstances. Factor in a recent death in a family, and the grief can make for an incredibly difficult time. So, sometimes, memorials aimed at respecting the grieving process can make for the best of Christmas gifts.

The memorial industry offers a huge variety of unique, inexpensive gifts ideas that can help ease the painful grief of a friend or family member who is spending a first Christmas without a special loved-one this year. Here is a summary of just some of the ideas.

Cremation Jewelry: If tiny bits of a person’s cremation ashes are still available (in an urn that is not permanently sealed, for example), cremation jewelry may be the perfect gift. Memorial dealers offer an ever-expanding collection of beautiful pendants that feature crevices to hold up to a teaspoon of ashes. These pieces are available in a huge variety of themes, including religious symbols such as crosses, angels and even rosary beads that are perfect for the spirit of Christmas. One note of caution about cremation jewelry: some people may not be entirely comfortable with the idea of transferring a portion of ashes to the jewelry, so these pieces may not always be good as surprise gifts. Check with your friend or loved-one about the idea of cremation keepsake jewelry before making a purchase.

Cremation Art: Following the same idea as cremation jewelry, memorial product dealers are now offering a number of unique artistic products in which cremation remains are worked directly into the piece. Art-in-Ashes is but one example in which a painter mixes a tiny portion of ashes into his or her paint and then applies it to a picture. Likewise, some glass artists are now mixing ashes with their glass as it is blown into miniature, urn shaped, pieces.

There is no doubt that the holiday season can be difficult for those grieving

More Elaborate Gift Ideas: Some memorial gift ideas for Christmas require a little more planning but, nevertheless, can be meaningful tributes to a special loved-one. Memorial rocks and memorial statues, for example, can make for beautiful additions to a home’s landscaping. So, what better way to pay tribute to a gardener, or outdoorsman of any sort, in your family than by installing a rock or statue in his or her favorite spot? Such a gift at Christmas time to, say, a spouse who has lost his or her partner, can make all future holidays something special, indeed. And, while they require more planning than other memorial gift ideas, they will end up being, to borrow an old cliché, a gift that keeps on giving – every time a visitor takes a look at it.

Other Christmas Ideas: The above is just the beginning. The memorial industry offers plenty of other ideas suitable for Christmas gifts. You can consider a memorial picture as an addition to a loved-one’s grave marker, for example. Or, you can explore a wide variety of interesting collectibles that can be personalized with engraving or photos. The fact is, if you are looking to make Christmas a little more special this year, a memorial gift is a great idea, as it can bring comfort to greiving families during the holiday season.