Memorialization Ideas for Memorial Day

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Traditionally, Memorial Day conjures memories of salutes to those who have perished while serving in the armed forces. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to remember any loved one who has slipped from our physical lives. I remember visiting the graves of my grandparents as a young child. We often placed a plant at the gravesite. 

I’m a big fan of ritual, so today’s Memorial Day, for me, is a chance to remember my loved ones in some special way, usually, involving nature. I feel connected to my loved ones when I’m in nature, and I am fortunate enough to live in a beautiful part of the country, where I can do so easily. I’ve been known to scatter ashes in the Laurel River, in Hot Springs, NC, where I’ve found solace many times, especially during the illnesses of loved ones, and just after their passings. 

Here are a few ideas to consider ~

1. spend some time with photos that represent happy times together with those you have lost. You can even get creative and make a collage with some of the photos. Or, you can create that memory book you’ve been thinking about doing. You can fill a lovely blank book with your favorite mementos: stories, poems, pictures, photos.

                                                                        Blue Memory Book

2. Plant a tree or flower in honor of your loved one. Did your loved one have a penchant for a specific plant or bush? My mother, for example, loved hydrangeas. I’ve planted two at my home, in her honor. 

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3. Enjoy your loved one’s favorite meal. My deceased husband loved blueberry pie. I’ve been known to bake one on Memorial Day in his honor. 

4. If your loved one was cremated, there are plenty of beautiful, stylish ways to incorporate ashes into a pendant, to wear close to your heart. Here are a few examples:

     Cremation Beads 

                                                              Vortex Cremation Pendant

                                                                                                 Multi-Colored Heart Cremation Pendant

So, enjoy this Memorial Day, and remember to take a moment to honor a loved one. You can be as creative as possible. It’s a great day to offer love and bask in nostalgia.