Christmas can be an emotionally daunting holiday – for many even in the best of circumstances. Factor in a recent death in a family, and the grief can make for an incredibly difficult time. So, sometimes, memorials aimed at respecting the grieving process can make for the best of Christmas […]

Far too often the question of what will happen to a pet’s body after it dies is left too long as an afterthought. Families commonly don’t discuss the issue until they face the sad fact of the demise of their fur-ever friend, and then, in the confusion (not to mention […]

Animal urns help resolve the discomforting air of finality that can often accompany a pet cremation. As beautiful as they are important to a grieving owner’s emotion, animal urns can be a calming reminder of what many believe is the afterlife world for all pets. Tradition has it that, when […]

Any quick search for cremation urns for sale will show that a large variety of urn sizes are available. Containers ranging from 15 cubic inches in capacity to more than 700 cubic inches can be readily found from retailers. And many urn styles can be purchased in multiple sizes. Much […]

Memorials such as the famous ones for President’s Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson that grace our nation’s capital – are an important part any culture’s history and traditions. Without such memorials, the amazing contributions of legendary historical figures might loose much of their deserved luster over the years. But large-scale memorials […]

Traditionally, Memorial Day conjures memories of salutes to those who have perished while serving in the armed forces. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to remember any loved one who has slipped from our physical lives. I remember visiting the graves of my grandparents as a young child. We often placed […]

Additionally, there are numerous signature urns with paw prints, made of marble, as stuffed animal and urn vases. Choose the one which shows you care. Pets be a part of your family. It’s been a long lasting sentiment provided by pet householders; they come into our homes and lives, so […]